Jude Ulmschneider

• Swedish
• Deep Tissue
• Specific Injury
• Pregnancy
• Some Neuromuscular
* Some Foot Reflexology

Tuesday 3 – 9
Wednesday 3 – 8:30
Thursday 11 – 6
Friday 3 – 9

• Brian Utting School of Massage

• WA Massage License #MA00006380, 1994

Provider for:
Group Health
Car Accident Claims


Biologists say the way to “heal” an ecosystem is to connect it to more of itself. This is a good description of what massage can do. This connection is the gift of receiving a massage. A window of time to connect with yourself, bringing awareness, circulation, and energy to tight and sore muscles and joints that you may not have noticed before.

My aim in giving a massage is to activate your body’s self regulating mechanism. I use some neuromuscular techniques, movement, and resistive stretching to talk to your brain, and nervous system, allowing you a deeper relaxation.

I have been working as an LMP for over 10 years and employ both the science, of certain techniques and the art and intuition of noticing where restrictions are.

Each person and each massage is unique and I like to work with you to reach your treatment goals, so your feedback is very important. If you just want to relax, or have specific injuries, or would like deep tissue, we can tailor each session to meet you where you are at on this particular day.

A word about “deep tissue.” I have been trained to use my elbows and forearms, along with body mechanics to facilitate reaching the deeper layers of muscle. I do not believe in “no pain, no gain.” My style of deep tissue, would be gentle and specific.

I also like to give suggestions for self care, for in between your massage sessions, in the form of stretching/ strengthening and hydrotherapy. I have learned from taking Yoga one must achieve a balance between strength and flexibility.

Client Testimonial

“She was excellent. It was like she got every spot I am always trying to release, but can’t myself.”

“Treated whole back for isolated problem, Great!”