Jason Stutz

Deep Tissue
• Specific Injury
• Myofascial Release
• Thai Massage
• Shiatsu
• Sports Massage
• Swedish
• Prenatal massage
• Energy WorkAvailability
Thursday 4 – 9
Friday 4:30 – 9
Saturday 3 – 9

• Swedish Institute of Massage and Acupuncture, NYC 2006

• Washington State Massage License #MA60058274

Provider for:
Car Accident Claims
Labor & Industries Claims

Massage is a life-giving exercise. After only one massage, we learns that our functionality in life – physically, mentally, and emotionally – improves and we perform better.

The work I do is highly intuitive while remaining direct and sensible. Most important are common sense and sensitivity to what is beneath my hands– you!! My style ranges from very subtle to very deep myofascial release and energy work, to full on big muscle work for athletes, to body-length stretches learned in my Shiatsu and Thai Massage training. When I work the deeper tissues, my philosophy is not to go so deep as to be excruciatingly painful. This is counterproductive to the healing process. Rather, I begin on more surface tissue, listening as I go deeper and deeper into the tissue as it responds and loosens. This has proven a highly effective, efficient and pleasurable style of massage. Pain is often reduced immediately. Good massage is incredibly effective!

My specialty is in encouraging the tendency toward wholeness and connectivity in the body. The artist Michelangelo, when sculpting ‘David,’ was said to remove everything that was not ‘David’ from the stone he chiseled upon. This is how I feel about massaging human beings.